February 24th, 2007

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dramaticmuses is looking for writers!

First off, thank you to Grant for allowing me to advertise this here. And, since I know how annoying it is to see the same communities advertised over and over again on a community, this will be the only time y’all will see this.

dramaticmuses is looking for writers and players. The community is a fic challenge/Role playing community. If you join as a character, you must do at least one fic challenge a month. The Role Play portion of the game is optional.

We are open to all fandoms and ships. At the moment, we only have a Laura Roslin and she would like to have someone from the BSG fandom to chat with.

For a full list of rules, including links to taken characters and the application, please check out the user information page of dramaticmuses.

Thank you.
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