February 22nd, 2007

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I have a very simple question that has been confusing me for a while now, and I'm probably just overlooking a very obvious detail.

In LDYB (part 2, I think), when Adama confronts Roslin about fixing the vote, he tells her she won't end up doing it, because the cancer would move to her heart and she'd die inside. Now I was under the impression that she was totally cured of her cancer, and went into an immediate remission once the Cylon blood transfusion had been completed. Am I reading too much into this or just totally missing something? :P

Cylons are made of chocolate!

“Commander, Dradis contact. Strike that, multiple Dradis contacts. It’s the Cylons. And they’re covered in chocolate sir.”

“Lieutenant, set condition one across the ship. Launch all Vanilla Vipers. And someone get me a glass of milk, and some napkins with the corners cut off!”

This is what happens when you hand the keys to the kitchen to a true geek. I want someone to make these for MY birthday, dammit!

Battlestar Cakes [via lexigeek.com]
Battlestar Galactica

Saturn Awards Nominations

Haven't seen this posted yet but The Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror films has announced the nominations for the 33rd Annual Saturn Awards and BSG has been nominated for the following:

Best Syndicated/Cable Television Series
Best Actor in a Television Series for Edward James Olmos
Best Actress in a Television Series for Katee Sackhoff
Best Supporting Actor in a Television Series for James Callis

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The winners will be announced at this year’s 33rd Annual Saturn Awards which takes place on Thursday, May 10, 2007 (Source)
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Observations from a Costuming Maven

Has anyone other than me noticed how poorly Sharon's uniform is tailored? Specifically the sleeves - they're too long and too big for her arms. It looks like she got someone's cast off jacket. I mean, everyone else's uniforms fit them so well, and obviously, considering 'Fat Apollo', they're not reduced to actually using other people's cast off uniforms. So why is Sharon's jacket so ill-fitting?