February 14th, 2007


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My husband recently found out about the Chuck Norris phenomenon. And this naturally let him to thinking about a BSG version of Chuck Norris, which ended up with him creating this icon.

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Feel free to use it if you want. It amused me anyway.
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piscesmaiden asked me to post this, since LJ's being wonky for her.


I wanted to let NY-area members know that a few actors will be attending cons in NY. James Callis and Tricia Helfer will be at NY Comic Con (Feb 23-25) and Jamie Bamber will be at I-Con (Mar. 23-25)


As always, if any of you are going to these events and happen to get photos of the actors, we'd love to see 'em and hear all about it! :)
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Blogcast #4: The Woman King

Hey, guys - this episode's kind of a short one. We cover the latest episode ("The Woman King") and chat a bit about what we're loving and hating about the show right now.

I know the sound quality is still lacking - trust me, I'm looking into other options and it will improve at some point. Right now our main obstacle is money, so - as always - if you feel like donating a few bucks and entering the drawing for those autographed photos, please do so! We would be most appreciative. :) Anyway, on with the show:

Battlestar Blog - Blogcast #4 - The Woman King (~28 minutes)