February 12th, 2007

I am here.

S4 a Go!

Sephiroth144 over on the Skiffy boards attended the Writer's Guild awards last night and had a chance to talk to RDM and David Eick who confirmed (in this thread) to him that S4 is a go.

13 episodes + the (DVD) movie.

Mrs. Ron joined the discussion by Page 5 of the thread to confirm the confirmation. So far, nothing official official on the NBC/Uni site to which I have access, but I'll keep an eye out. It does sound like our hiatus could be stupid long... longer than the last one by a few months Gah!
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The Use of The Word "Frak"

I just had a funny thought: Is anyone so obsessed with the show that they end up using "frak" (and its multiple derivations like, "frakking" or "frakked") regularly in their daily speech?

I've only recently been into the show when we got satellite and caught up with the season 2 DVDs, but I find myself using "frak" a lot in my speech. They are usually mutterings to myself under my breath or when no one's around (because I don't want people who aren't fans of the show to look at me funny or wonder if I'm crazy for subbing a curse word for a made up curse word), but it's regularly there. I personally think it's a little funny. Like, as an example, I'll curse out a negligent driver on the road as "Frakking jackass!" As you can imagine that since I'm in California and have driven California freeways all my driving life, this occurs often now.

I don't use "motherfrakker" or "motherfrakking" because it just sounds odd. But I also find that using "frak" is a good way to sort of curb my use of foul language.

Am I crazy or the only one here?
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Battlestar Galactica Autograph Signing

Aaron Douglas, Tahmoh Penikett and Michael Trucco will be signing autographs on Saturday, February 17th in San Francisco.

Battlestar Galactica Autograph Signing
Saturday, February 17, 2007
12:00 PM to 7:00 PM
Antiquities Of California
Pier 39
San Francisco

Go ga-ga for Galactica! Meet Chief Galen Tyrol (Aaron Douglas), Lt. Karl "Helo" Agathon (Tahmoh Penikett) and Samuel Anders (Michael Trucco) at Antiquities on PIER 39. They will autograph a selection of Battlestar Galactica photographs and memorabilia from noon to 7:00 PM on Saturday, February 17. 

Source: Events at PIER 39 San Francisco's Premier Bay Attraction
Source: Michael Trucco's post on his official message board

I'm hoping that with over 1,000 members on here, there will be at least a few people that will be able to attend the event and be able to (please) take photos of Aaron for me to post on Aaron Douglas Fans and photos of Tahmoh for Justine to post on All about Tahmoh Penikett. Please, pretty please :)