February 9th, 2007

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Resurrection Ship

As much as I don't like her, Roslin was, legally, the president. However, one thing I'll always dislike about her is her inablity to think straight. She's totally and unreasonably unyielding on things that she shouldn't be, then she's an absolute whimp, on others.

Case in point: the argument between Rear Admiral Helena Cain and Commander William Adama. Never have I seen her look less presidential, than in that pointless debate. Am I the only person that thinks that Roslin handled this totally ineptly? And that she wanted Adama to kill Cain, because she was too cowardly to take action, herself?
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Gaius Baltar - James Callis

Since this concerns an actor of BSG, I thought it was appropriate to post. I'm sick home from and watching these movies i rented from my local blockbuster, one of them being "One night with the King". Other than it being a pretty good movie, I slowly started recognizing one of the bad guys, called Haman, and checked it on IMDB. Its none other than one of my favorite villains, Gaius Baltar, James Callis. Oh also if you were a LOTR fan, the guy who played Gimli the Dwarf is also in this movie. James Callis is so good at being bad.
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Another BSG mention on a TV show

Was just catching today episode of General Hospital and we got a BSG mention from on the resident hacker/geek on the show. He is fancying himself the new sidekick to the local bad boy mobster.

Spinelli: I am like your wingman, your ace fighter pilot Starbuck to your Captain Apollo.

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