February 5th, 2007

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No new episode this week. I'm so mad I could throw meat against the wall! But I was wondering if anyone knew why the U.S. and Canadian episode trailers are done so differently. It's like one does a trailer on the A-plot, and the other the B-plot. The trailer for The Woman King on sci-fi was kind of exciting(only because racism among colonials has never really been addressed. Barely talked about once, I believe, but never more than that.) but it basically spells out what happens from beginning to end, very Doctor-Who-ish if you ask me. What did the Canadian trailer reveal?
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TWoP Store - frakkin toaster t-shirt

So much for this being a "Now or Never" item. This is the third time that this t-shirt has been available for purchase. Which is great for people that missed out on buying it the first (and second) time around. But kinda annoying for those of us that thought we had an "exclusive" t-shirt.

Available for pre-ordering until Wednesday, February 28. Ships out by March 30th.


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Gettin' To Know You

usakeh mentioned to me that it might be a cool idea to start up a new "member introduction" thread so that we could get to know each other better, maybe make some new friends, etc., and I thought that was a great idea. :)

So without further ado...

Copy and paste the questions below, and then comment to this post with your answers. PLEASE try to keep this thread as spoiler-free as possible in regards to Season 3. Thanks, everyone!!


What's your first name?
Tell us a little about yourself (school, job, where you live, family, hobbies, etc.):
Who are your favorite BSG characters (max. 3)?
If you could hang out with any one of the actors for a few hours, who would you choose?
Which character on the show is the most like you?
Name a few of your favorite BSG episodes (max. 5):
When and how did you get into BSG?
What other TV shows are you currently addicted to?
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New Art

Yeah, I drew Starbuck again. Can't help it.

I went even cartoonier than usual, and put her in that cool season 2 "The Raid" outfit. Click for a bigger version:

I'm sellin' prints of this pic and others, if you're interested. :)
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Blogcast #3.5: Q&A

HUGE thanks to those of you who have donated a few bucks to help keep this blogcast runnin'! I really appreciate it - every dollar helps! :) For those of you who still would like to donate something and get your name in for the BSG autograph drawing, head over here for details.

This week's blogcast is just a short Q&A. A quick BSG fix to tide you over 'til next week.

Battlestar Blog - Blogcast #3.5 - Q&A (~28 minutes)