February 4th, 2007

not mine, mat

fans and an amusing tangent

ways to know you are obsessed:
i just opened a draft on my LJ client and the subject line was "Kara." No idea why.

But that's totally not the real reason I'm posting, it was just a funny side note.

I just wanted to say that this comm has some of the most amiable fan-folk ever. Its so much fun.

I'm a fangirl of the fan community. :)

that's all.
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Six Angel

You know you've been watching too much Battlestar Galactica when....

Is there a list already started for this?  Because if not I think everyone should reply to this with their additions and we should compile one... 

Here is me, stuff I've heard, and those said at the post that gave me the idea... 

*edit - I've been adding the stuff in the replies and then screening the posts.. 
as for spolier-y ones?  Umm  add Spoiler space in the reply and I'll stick them after spoiler space at the end?  (let me know if this would bother anyone..) 

You know you've been watching too much Battlestar Galactica when....  

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Suggestions by   ana_khouri    aria_star    blondi42    bookwyrm86   cannibalcake   carla_scribbles   firelakie    foolintherain00    garmin    laii   mcookies   meesa315    meeshaphrenic    nerina_b   norokrex    nyuszi    one_woman_army    palerabbit    raidr    ramboballerina    rjsteamboat76    slef    swordsmanscoke    themightyrando   thirdblindmouse
Thanks to all those who have contributed..

..... and keep it coming!!    : )
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I propose a Battlestar Karaoke post. Post a character or group of characters, and what song you can see them singing. Feel free to add as much fluff as you want, your reasons for wanting them to sing it, et ceterra. Let's see if we can keep Gaius/Gayta love duets to a minimum.

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