February 2nd, 2007

Chief Kisses

Veronica Mars (BSG references)

As mentioned HERE, in this weeks episode of Veronica Mars she mentions Comic Con, Cylons, Six, Cylon Raiders, Frak and So Say We all. I've clipped the scenes and put it up on YouTube. I smiled at the Comic Con reference because Veronica Mars had a guest panel at Comic Con last year. That guest panel and the BSG one were the only two guest panels I attended :)

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We wanna hear from you!

Since BSG is taking a break this weekend, Alice and I are going to be doing an all Q&A blogcast! We're inviting you guys to throw questions our way -- and they don't necessarily have to be season 3 related, they can be anything BSG, or even non-BSG -- or you can just leave us comments and let us know what you think about the show. We will tackle as many as we can.. Should be fun. :)

Please use the text-entry poll below. I think we're gonna try to record on monday, so I'll probably leave this open until late sunday/early monday. Thanks, guys!!