February 1st, 2007

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Co-Mod Birthdaayyys

A big Happy Birthday to our co-mod Alice (beerbad)!!!!

(Technically her birthday was yesterday, but I didn't want to post this until after she got the drawing in the mail.) :)

Dammit, I just found out that I missed our other co-mod's birthday! ..Annie (nyuszi) had a birthday on Jan. 22nd. Annie, forgive me!! Here's to a Happy Belated Birthday to you, too! I'm totally gonna send you something cool.

*head desk*

And I find it kinda funny..I find it kinda sad..

That it took me until last night to realize Bear jacked the beat from Led Zepplin's Kashmir and put it on Black Market.

Yeah, am I uber slow or what??

I knew there was a reason I liked that song..
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Blogcast Feed for iTunes

I've had a bunch of people asking why I don't have the blogcasts set up for iTunes, and the truth us, I tried typing the feed URL into iTunes and got an error message -- not sure why. Anyway, here's the feed URL if you wanna try it out yourself: feed://www.switchpod.com/users/bsgblog/feed.xml

Theoretically, you should be able to enter that into iTunes and it should work fine, but like I said, it hasn't worked for me. If you try it, let me know what happens.

Also, a few people have asked if they can get links to past blogcasts. I'm keeping a link archive to all the blogcasts over on our community links and info page. Just scroll past the episode review threads. :)