January 20th, 2007

BSG - Tell them I ain't coming back.

new vid!

Song: Rock Around The Clock
Artist: Bill Haley And His Comets
Lyrics: We're gonna rock / We're gonna rock / Around the clock / Tonight
Characters: Main (some Kara/Lee, Sharon/Helo, Gaius/Six)
Spoilers: 1x01 "33"
Comments: southerncharmfa asked me to to a BSG vid in a meme and I've been meaning to do one to this song cause it's just classic and great and awesome and then I though "hey.. wouldn't it be cool if it was JUST from 33?" Cause that episode was all about rockin' the clock. Also? Made in less than 24 hours, BOOYA!

HQ - 13,5mb here
LQ - on YouTube.
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Blogcast #1: Season 3.0 Recap

I've been wanting to start a community podcast for awhile now, and we finally threw together a first episode for ya. I wanted to make sure we got this out before 3.5 started. Apologies in advance for any awkwardness -- Alice and I were both a little nervous to do this. I promise, we'll get better! heh :)

I wanted my other moderator, Annie, to be part of this, too, but she lives in Romania and that makes it really difficult to set up a conference call that we can record and won't cost tons of money.. So.. For now, you just get me and the lovely Alice.

I should also mention, I know nothing about podcast hosting, or how I should go about setting this thing up for iTunes or whatever. For now I uploaded it to a free site, Switchpod, but if you guys have any good suggestions for this kind of thing, let me know. For right now, hopefully links to the MP3 files will work fine for you guys.

That said, I hope you enjoy our first episode!!
FYI: We don't give any spoilers for episodes that haven't aired yet. And just so ya know, we accidentally swear.. twice I think. But it's quiet, you hardly notice. :P

Battlestar Blog - Blogcast #1 - Part 1 (~33 minutes)
Battlestar Blog - Blogcast #1 - Part 2 (~22 minutes)
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This is the (un)offical 24 hours until Battlestar Galactica starts up again thread!  Everyone post what you think will happen, who the ads are referring to, and your arguments for why you're way more excited than anyone else for the return!  Oh, and post the pictures of the BSG tattoos you got after getting drunk one night.  Those are always fun to see.  Are you ready?  Then...GO!
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