January 19th, 2007

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Hostile DRADIS Contact...


The moving of Battlestar Galactica to 10:00 Sunday on Sci-Fi channel in the USA night might make programming sense, in terms of more of it's young adult fans being home instead of our partying or shopping or having sex or whatever the hell youngsters do on Friday nights. Hey, I've been a grown up for a while now, don't get out much... But it gives me a REAL problem.

It's a School Night.

Padawan Two is 12, his official School Night Bedtime is 10:00.... and krazycrfafter has already complained that he is beginning to develop teen-age sluggishness in the mornings.

The WAR is ON, As Kirk once said to Khan... "Here it comes."

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i have a question that maybe someone can asnwer. after a discussion awhile back with someone on my f-list about K/L i figured i'd pose the question here. the discussion was basically that she believed that Kara and Lee knew each other before Zak, and that it was pretty much canon, i believe were her words.

now putting my ever growing distaste for K/L aside, the impression that i've always gotten from the mini series and Act Of Contrition was that they knew each other because of Zak. That was how they met and became friends.

does anyone know?