January 15th, 2007

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BSG Season 2 Cards - Vehicle Sketch Cards

The official BSG Season 2 trading cards come out later this month, and will feature rare autograph cards and costume cards. The part I'm personally most excited about though are the sketch cards, which each feature vehicle artwork by my buddy Jim Kyle. He did a really kick ass job. And for those of you unfamiliar with sketch cards, these things are the original drawing - done right on the card! They aren't reproductions. (I'll be hittin' eBay after the set comes out trying to find one or two for myself.) :)

Here's a peek at a few of Jim's cards -- Click here to see more!

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Funny BSG Images

I know, I know, I'm a posting maniac today. Just one more thing I wanted to show you guys. I found a great gallery over at deviantART -- ratscape.deviantart.com/gallery -- and there's a lot of hilarious BSG and Farscape stuff, mock posters and what-have-you. :) Here's a few samples:

I saw that "Tigh Noon" pic and burst out laughing. I frakkin' love it :)
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Season 3 Episode Numbering

Some of the promos for the second half of Season 3 are saying it'll be nine episodes. Since they've said Season 3 is going to be 20 eps total, this confirms that our episode numbering is correct: the last episode (Eye of Jupiter) was 3.11. The new episode coming Jan. 21st will be 3.12. Just so we're all on the same page now. heh

I'm watching the marathon right now. I gotta say, seeing the whole New Caprica saga unfold in one chunk is amazing. :)
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I just popped on really quick to check the DVR (which is, of course, recording the BSG marathon) and realized that one of my favorite 'reality' type textures in the show is the way that ship to ship voice communication is all scratchy. It highlights how their technology isn't perfect, which I think is an excellent reversing of a regular scifi trope that all technology should be assumed to be shiny and infalable (unless it's a plot point of course.) ; )

On another geeky note for all you World of Warcraft players-the marathon is at least giving us something to do while we wait for tonight/tomorrow and the release of Burning Crusade. Blizzard and SciFi Channel in cahoots? hehehe
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whoa.. those of you watching the marathon, did the sound just go all weird on you, too?? i'm getting some weird buzzing sound, and it's only on sci fi. :(

and of course it has to happen during my favorite ep (unfinished business).. grrrrr

edit: looks like it fixed itself..