October 24th, 2006

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The Evolution of Starbuck - POLL

I was going through some random BSG images I'd saved on my computer, and realized how different Kara looks in every season.. I mean, not huge changes, but enough of a difference to really be able to see the development of her as a character. Anyway, I thought it'd be fun to make a poll -- see which "version" of Starbuck people like best. This isn't about which one's necessarily the hottest or anything (though that probably plays some role for most of us), but which one over all is your favorite look and time for her.

Poll #852407 The Evolution of Starbuck

Which Starbuck is your favorite so far?

Supershort-hair mini-series Starbuck
Short-hair season 1/early season 2 Starbuck
Ponytail season 2 Starbuck
Long-hair New Caprica Starbuck

. . . I just couldn't stop laughing (jedi chefs)