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Ryan Robbins on his role on Caprica

Ryan Robbins did an audio interview with SciFi Pulse where he discussed his roles on Sanctuary, Caprica and the web series Riese.

Underneath the cut (for those avoiding spoilers) is a transcript of what he said about his character on Caprica.

I've noticed that you've got a part in the forth coming Battlestar Galactica spin off series Caprica and I'm just wondering what can you tell us about the role you play in the episode and how much different was your experience working on Caprica than it was working on Battlestar.

I'm actually doing a number of episodes on Caprica. I just finished an episode two days ago and then I'm going back for a couple more episodes in a week or so. I'm playing a character called Diego. Basically a lot of the storyline on Caprica deals with polytheists who believe in many Gods and then the monotheists who believe in the one true God. I am sort of the leader of a militant arm of the monotheists called the STO. I don't know how much I'm allowed to say. It's been fantastic. The cast is amazing. My first episode .. I was hired by Eric Stoltz who is the lead on the show and he also directed this episode and I got to work with Polly Walker who is an amazing amazing English actress, she was in a series called ROME. She was so wonderful and lovely and my character is about as far away from Henry (Ryan's character on Sanctuary) as you can get, I think. He is definitely a bad ass and a very intimidating guy and looks different and moves different and speaks differently. It's been a lot of fun to play something different.

NOTE: The interview was recorded one week before Christmas but aired today (Jan 31st).

Source: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/scifipulse/201...0/01/31/episode-54--interview-with-sanctuarys-ryan-robbins.mp3  

The podcast is an hour and a half. Ryan is on at time 29:48 - 55:58. He talks about Caprica at time stamp 47:03
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