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First picture of Luciana in Caprica

Speaking of BSG veterans in Caprica: updated their Caprica gallery, and look what I found - the first picture of Luciana Carro as Pryah:

Oh, she looks so good. Sigh. By the way, when Luciana attended The Cylon Attack last weekend, Alessandra revealed that Pryah works for Daniel Graystone. Luciana shot three episodes already, and it's not clear if she'll be asked back to do one or two more at the end of the season - right now, they're shooting ep 15 of 19, I think. (More Luciana news here at our blog.)

P.S.: Oddly enough, the first still in the new Amanda Graystone gallery shows Roger R. Cross a.k.a. The Unaired Tomas Vergis.
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