Pedda (pedda) wrote in battlestar_blog,

Luciana Carro to be on Caprica. Recurring?

Update (Monday): Grant Gould (gdg) talked to Luciana at Wizard World. She said she's signed on for at least five episodes. If we get more info, it will be posted at Luciana Carro Fans.

Update (Saturday): It was Eddie who broke the news, and he used the phrase "joined the cast". That means several episodes, hopefully.


Eddie and Luciana did a Battlestar Q&A at Wizard World Chicago Comic-Con this Friday.

Tweets cjcubs: "Luciana Carro is going to be on Caprica. Only BSG cast member to be on there."
Says me: *speechless*

Oh my gosh. We may or may not hear more about this stunning news, and I plan on updating our blog's Caprica post throughout the weekend.

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