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DragonCon - BSG Guest Panels, Autographs, Photos

Guest List

Aaron Douglas (attending as a 'fan' not a 'guest') SOURCE HERE and HERE.
(UPDATE: After hearing that fans were dissapointed that he won't be appearing as a guest, Aaron said he may sign autographs for one day for a few hours. SOURCE HERE.
Alessandro Juliani
Edward James Olmos (cancelled)
Kandyse McClure
Kate Vernon
Luciana Carro
Mary McDonnell
Michael Hogan
Michael Trucco
Richard Hatch

Kevin Grazier
(science advisor)
Jamie Chambers (designer of the BSG boardgame)
Dirk Benedict (TOS)

Guest Panels

Friday 10:00amBSG - An Unlikely Partnership
One of the most riveting pairings of BSG was the duo of Laura Roslin and Bill Adama.

Guests: E. Olmos, M. McDonnell
Grand Ballroom A-F
Friday 01:00pmWho The Frak Is The Real Richard Hatch?Join Richard Hatch as he shares clips and memories from both Classic and Re-imagined Battlestar Galacticas, a new 30th anniversary trailer, as well as his upcoming reality series.

Guests: R. Hatch
Intl N
Friday 05:30pmBSG - Launch Tubes Active!

Welcome BSG cast members forstories of the tribulations of the human and cylon races, and just what are they going to do now?

Guests: K. Grazier, K. Vernon, K. McClure, A. Juliani, M. Trucco, L. Carro

Atrium Ballroom
Saturday 11:30amBSG-Journey’s End

Old friends and new join us for a discussion on where season 4. Cylons and humans face a world together.

Guests: K. Vernon, E. Olmos, M. McDonnell, A. Juliani, M. Trucco, L. Carro


Atrium Ballroom
Sunday 10:00amThe Science of Battlestar GalacticaBSG’s Official Science Guy examines the real-world plausibility and associated implications of much of the technology used throughout the series.

Guests: K. Grazier
Crystal Ballroom
Sunday 05:30pmBSG - Galactica Decomissioned at lastBring your questions and lets hear tales of the last Battlestar, the home and symbol of humanity’s survival and what it meant to each of them.

Guests: R. Hatch, K. Vernon, E. Olmos, K. McClure, M. McDonnell, M. Trucco, L. Carro

Atrium Ballroom
Monday 11:30amBSG - Into the Bright BeyondAs all things must end, so does our time with our Battlestar guests. What do they think of their own stories and where their characters ended up?

Guests: R. Hatch, K. Grazier, E. Olmos, K. McClure, M. Trucco, L. Carro

Atrium Ballroom

* Screening of Caprica (Sat 8:30 pm; Marriott A704)
* BSG-Colonial Fleet Party! (Sat 10:00 pm; Sheraton Grand Ballroom A-C). More info HERE

TOS BSG Guest Panels
* Classic Battlestar (Sat 1:00 pm; Cent I [H]): Re-live the Classic adventures of Battlestar Galactica with Dirk Benedict and Richard Hatch!
* Dirk Benedict (Sun 11:30 am; A601-A602 [M]): Starbuck himself talks about life in the fleet and his career in Hollywood.

Walk Of Fame


DRAGON-CON 2009 Photo-Op Pre-Sales

Pre-Sales will end August 30th at midnight. Tickets will be sold at Dragon-Con. 
All photos will be available the same day of the shoot!


Edward James Olmos: $60.00
Mary McDonnell: $40.00
Kate Vernon $30.00
Michael Trucco $30.00
Kandyse McClure $30.00
Luciana Carro $30.00
Alessandro Juliani $30.00

BSG Boys (Eddie, Trucco, AJ): $110.00
BSG Girls (Mary, Kate, Kandyse, Luciana): $115
BSG Full Group: $240.00

Trucco & AJ: $55
Trucco & Kate: $55
Trucco & Kandyse: $85
Eddie & Mary: $95
Eddie & Trucco: $85
Eddie & AJ: $85
Eddie & Kandyse: $85
Eddie & Kate: $85
Eddie & Luciana: $85


(Aug 22nd): updated with Photo-op details from Froggy's website.
(Aug 26th): updated with the Guest Panels and Walk Of Fame details that are in the DragonCon Pocket Program.
(Aug 29th): Friday BSG panel has changed from 4pm to 5:30pm. Daily Dragon Online: Programming Changes.
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