Grant Gould (gdg) wrote in battlestar_blog,
Grant Gould

Comic-Con Photos

Here are my BSG-related pics from Comic-Con.

I didn't get my picture with any of the actors, because they were charging money for pics and autographs, and I knew I'd get some photo opportunities at DragonCon, and I'm poor.. so.. yeah.. But I did talk to each one of them (and gave them copies of my books, because I'm a whore) - they were all extremely nice and were great with the fans. This was my first time meeting Michael Hogan, so I was kinda nervous and geeking out, but, man, what a cool guy. Completely easy-going. :)

(Sorry for the fuzziness on some of these... I suck at taking pictures.)

And, last but not least - I finally met Bear McCreary:

I wasn't able to go to any of the concerts, I just ran into him at the show. Totally nice guy - I geeked out when I saw him.

Over all, lots of BSG goodness at Comic-Con.. It was like an appetizer for DragonCon. :)
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