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Is this true?

A commenter over on Galactica Sitrep just wrote the following re BSG: THE PLAN -

At Wizard World in Philly this past weekend featuring; Edward James Olmos, Michael Hogan, Lucianna Carro and Nicki Clyne, EJO sort of implied that the reason it was being aired on tv (at all) was so the special effects people would be eligible (for award nominations). He said that the special effects are amazing and that we are all in for a real treat. He also said the version to be aired on Sci-Fi (SyFy) will be 88 minutes in length, whereas the DVD will be 155 minutes in length. The whole room gasped at that. Huge difference. He implored us all to watch both. The DVD he said will be released very soon (he said the next day but I think he was generalizing) after it airs.

Still, I cannot wait for this film. The passion for which EJO spoke of the Plan was very obvious he is proud of it not only as the director but also in what he feels the fans expectations are.

Were any of you at this panel, who could confirm that comment about the DVD version being a whole HOUR longer? Frak me, that would be cool.

ETA: thanks to eagle-eyed fans who pointed out that EJO has previously mentioned the DVD cut being about 30 minutes longer (see below in comments). Which suggests that possibly this is a misquote...

ETA2: The original commenter on my Sitrep post comments again:
I agree that 155 minutes is A LOT more than 88, almost twice as long. However he did actually say in Philly, "155 minutes". Its possible he may have been including extras like deleted scenes and other fun stuff but no one asked. I'm sure that's why everyone kinda gasped, however no one corrected him or asked him to clarify. It's completely possible that he didn't do the math right either, but who knows! Either way I'm looking forward to seeing this film, both versions!

Hmm...I can't wait to see what we're getting.  At some point the actual extras will be announced.  30 minutes...60 minutes...either way fans win.
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