Michelle (meshel73) wrote in battlestar_blog,

Mary McDonnell on The Closer

Heads up that Mary McDonnell will be on THE CLOSER (5x03: Red Tape) airing on Monday, June 22 at 9/8c on TNT. It's a recurring role so keep an eye out for more appearances.

Episode Synopsis: THE CLOSER "Red Tape" (Season 5 Episode 3) - Sgt. Gabriel (Corey Reynolds) shoots a murder suspect he is certain is armed and firing at him, but the evidence does not match up with his account. Enter Capt. Sharon Raydor (special guest star Mary McDonnell), the head of the Force Investigation Division, whose responsibility is to investigate the shooting. But Raydor's investigation is interfering with Brenda's investigation into the murder, which may have been ethnically motivated.

images thanks to triniroslin15
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