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I'm sure most of you remember the "Fan Appreciation PDF" I posted about a couple months ago. It's finally finished and on its way to cast & crew, and - as promised - available to all of you as a free PDF download. :)

I tried to keep it as small as possible, but be warned: it's a pretty big file (172 pages, 45.5 MB). Might take a few minutes to download. The PDF link is:

A few quick notes:

The PDF is created at 8.5"x11" letter size, making it easy to print up. However, I do not condone anyone printing up copies to try and sell on eBay or anywhere else. I obviously don't own any of the photography or have any legal rights to profit off the PDF -- it's just a free thing I did in my own time. I'm not making a penny off it, and neither should you.

If you haven't seen the entire series of BSG, you might wanna avoid the PDF. There are some spoilers.

My apologies in advance if I missed someone. I had a lot of letters sent to me for this thing. I double-checked everything and did my absolute best not to miss anyone... But I'm only human and I'm sure I screwed up somewhere. I tried to edit spelling errors as best I could, too, but I'm sure a few slipped by. :/

I had a lot of fan art submissions and photos. At the end of the day, I just couldn't include them because the file size (and page count) were getting too massive. So I cut the photo section altogether, and I only put a couple fan art pieces on the back page. I included one of my own (I'm a jerk, I know) and then me and a few friends voted on which of the fan art pieces we liked the best and went with two of those. So thank you to everyone for sending such great pics -- I'm sorry I couldn't include them all.

I didn't include email addresses. I had a bunch of people include their emails, and even some asking the actors for a response. I didn't want that in this book -- I wanted the cast & crew to just enjoy the PDF and not feel some weird obligation to have to contact anyone in return. I did leave in fansite URLs, however. Figured those were safe enough. :)

Feel free to share the PDF link in other BSG communities and sites! And if you have any other questions, let me know right here in this thread.

Thanks again to everyone who sent in their letters!
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