no sticky, hot, messy, awful blood! (airings) wrote in battlestar_blog,
no sticky, hot, messy, awful blood!

So, um. Why is the Fleet not going back to Kobol? It isn't nuked, there's loads of wildlife and there's a pretty Opera House. They also know its location, and I don't understand why the Fleet would go through all the trouble of finding a new planet when there's a perfectly good one left.

The Cavils know about Kobol, so that might be an issue, but don't the Humans & Rebels outnumber the Cavils?

Pythia (that was Pythia right?) spoke of a bloodprice and that the Gods had abandoned Kobol. But it seems like Pythia was full of crap (see: Laura).

Maybe I'm missing something though, I sometimes get the idea that I'm too dumb for this show (especially after the latest episode's revelations, I'm so confused haha) :P what are your thoughts?
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