Grant Gould (gdg) wrote in battlestar_blog,
Grant Gould


I got a heads-up from Steve over at about this, and it sounds really cool -- Definitely worth checking out. Here's the info he gave me:

This week, launched an exciting, original sci-fi project that’s comprised of 5 interconnected novellas written exclusively for Audible – and for downloadable audio.

It’s called METAtropolis, and the authors are top-line: John Scalzi, Jay Lake, Toby Buckell, Elizabeth Bear and Karl Schroeder.

So why should BSG fans care? Because our team of narrators includes Michael Hogan, Alessandro Juliani, and Kandyse McClure, that’s why! They all turn in great performances, but I’m especially partial to hearing the dulcet tones of Col. Tigh read Jay Lake’s spectacular story! Now you know what these guys were doing on their summer vacations…

Folks can head over to and listen to samples, read more about the project, and (of course) buy it!


It's on iTunes as well.

Thanks for the info, Steve!

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