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the Dying Leader

A quick and sudden revelation that I had on the whole 'Dying Leader' scenario.

So recently I've been thinking that, with the casting spoilers for 4.5 - that Mary McDonnell is in even the season finale itself still wearing her wig, etc. - is she really the Dying Leader? Of course, I've always had my little bit of doubts concerning the matter out of denial, really, since I love Laura Roslin and don't want to see her die (again), but this time I think I may have hit a plausible idea.

I have no idea how I thought of this, it was really out of nowhere, but I am so excited by it that I must share.

What if the Cylons losing their immortality as a race was the action that fulfilled the Dying Leader prophecy? Now, of course it doesn't fit the book of Pythia exactly, but going by what Leoben and Head!Elosha have said, I'm guessing that's alright.

Leoben said something along the lines of (and I'm paraphrasing generously here) that the playing board is always the same but the players can be changed around. I'm assuming this means something like, in one life, the bad guy wins, in another, the good guys take victory, plus many other options. Elosha explained to Laura that the 'Ancients got a lot of things wrong' which tells me that with the cycle of each lifetime, there's going to be a certain margin of error, or rather, room for ideas and notions to evolve.

So, what if the Dying Leader prophecy in this lifetime is really a metaphor of sorts? After all, as D'Anna said, every Cylon began to die, so couldn't the 'leader' be represented by a race?

Now think about the logics of this. The Cylons start to 'die', they all find Earth.

And within that margin of error, life itself isn't too far from a wasting illness. After you reach a certain point of growth, we all begin to die.

Just some things to think about. I found it interesting and fascinating and just wanted to share this idea with everyone. I love when something like this comes out of nowhere and everything makes so much sense!

Now, can it be 2009 please? :D
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