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Comic-Con Report

Heyya, BSG peeps. I'm back from San Diego. Had an amazing time.. It was cool meeting some of you community members!! Thanks for stopping by my table and introducing yourselves. :)

I posted a big ol' convention report over at my site..

Or if you'd rather just skip to the BSG-related stuff, I'll copy and paste it for ya


Me with actor Ryan Robbins! It was so freakin' cool to meet him. I'd interviewed him for awhile back and we also have a mutual friend (thanks, Michelle!), so he came over and chatted a bit. VERY cool to see him, he's an awesome guy. (BSG fans will remember the last time we saw him was early season 4 - he almost killed Baltar in the bathroom.) P.S. EVERYONE be sure to check out Ryan's new Sci Fi series: Sanctuary!

A life-sized cylon centurion standing at the Diamond Select Toys booth. The little red light was whooshing back and forth - it was very cool. They had the new set of action figures, but in order to get Starbuck (which is the one I wanted) you had to buy a complete set of Starbuck, Kat, and a centurion (they wouldn't let you buy Starbuck alone). So I ended up just getting a Kat figure for now... which is fine, 'cuz I loves me some Kat.

I also bumped into Bodie Olmos ("Hotdog" on BSG) while leaving the Diamond Select booth. He was on his way somewhere, so I didn't want to bug him for a photo, but I shook his hand and told him the standard "love the show" type of things. He was very nice.

On sunday, my pal "Swabie" (who runs an amazing Star Wars site called brought Sam Witwer over to my table -- Like with Ryan, I had previously interviewed Sam for, so I'd spoken to him via emails. If you don't recognize Sam, then your geek cred card is no longer valid, because he played Crashdown on Battlestar (seasons 1 and 2), he played Private Jessup in The Mist (my favorite movie of 2007), he plays Darth Vader's apprentice in The Force Unleashed - and next up, he's playing Doomsday on Smallville. Dude.. It was great to meet him, he's the coolest guy. I signed a couple copies of my drawing for him. Definitely another highlight of the show for me.

And then there's....... Jamie Frakkin' Bamber. He was there for BSG and to promote Pulse 2, which he stars in.. Very mellow, cool guy. Super nice to the fans. I had all these semi-intelligent things I was going to say to him, but the star-struck nervousness took over at the last minute and my mind went blank and I told him he was my favorite character and mumbled the usual fanboy squee-isms.. it's all a blur. Seriously, he's the best and I'm glad I took the time to go meet him.

I finally met Apollo. Now I just have to meet Katee Sackhoff and then I can die.

Speaking of Katee... these mysterious flyers were all over the place..

And... last but not least..
Best Dressed Award (in my opinion) ;)

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