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Katee Almost on CSI?

According to Ausiello...

This is seriously frakked up.

Sources confirm to me exclusively that Battlestar Galactica's ass-kicking Katee Sackhoff was
to becoming Jorja Fox's pseudo-replacement next season on CSI. In fact, she was considered to be such a lock for the new series-regular role of Bryce Adams that exec producers Carol Mendelsohn and Naren Shankar, both huge fans of the actress, were practically rolling a red carpet all the way to her trailer.


Oh, come on, you knew there was a "but" coming. After seeing Sackhoff read for the part of the sexy new CSI on the graveyard shift, executives at both CBS (who declined to comment for this story) and Jerry Bruckheimer Television remained unconvinced that they had found their Bryce. And, unfortunately, their opinion won out.

Told you it was a frakked-up story.

Now, the role is once again up for grabs, I'm once again bummed, and so once again I'm turning to you for opinions. Who do you think was right — the creative folks or the suits? Weigh in below. And then watch my super-fun interview with Ms. Sackhoff from last night's TV Guide's 2008 Sexiest Stars soiree — a portion of which I'm saving for next week's vodcast because, well, it's just that good.


Thanks to tube_fiend on ohnotheydidnt for the find.

Pretty much confirms that CBS is run by...fraktards.

ETA: The link includes a new red carpet interview with KS.
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