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Welcome to Battlestar Blog, one of the biggest Battlestar Galactica fan communities online! Feel free to start discussions about old school BSG, the re-imagined BSG, or Caprica. You can post images, icons, reviews, anything you want that's BSG-related, as long as you follow the rules listed below.

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Community Rules:

Keep large images (anything wider than 450 pixels), questionable material (things that might not be work-safe), and "The Plan" spoilers behind an LJ-cut, and give people a general warning about what's behind that cut.

If you have a bunch of images you want to post, such as wallpapers, icons, etc., OR multiple embedded video links, or even just a lot of text, please be considerate and keep the majority of your images/videos/text underneath an LJ-cut.

When posting, do not turn off the "comments" feature. If you post without allowing comments, it will be deleted.

In case you're wondering what qualifies as spoiler material in this community:
All seasons of BSG, The Caprica Pilot Movie = not spoilery

All "spoilery" details and discussions must be hidden beneath an LJ-cut with a spoiler warning. You have to give a general warning as to what kind of spoiler(s) your post includes.

Please be considerate and follow the rules. Failure to do so will result in post deletion, and continuing to disobey the rules will get you banned from the community permanently. Play nice!

Community Creator/Moderator: gdg (Grant) -
Community Co-Moderators: beerbad (Alice), meshel73 (Michelle)

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