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I love everything about Orphan Black [Sunday
April 20th, 2014 at 8:52am]

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April 20th, 2014 at 7:25am]

For some bizarre reason that I have never been able to understand, people seem to think the Christian religion is just something people "believe in" not only with no facts or reasoning behind it, but even AGAINST all facts and reason. You just believe it because you want to, and that's good enough. You don't even have to determine if it's actually true or not. Believing it makes it so!

Why on earth would you believe something if it didn't ACTUALLY HAPPEN? I don't know about you, but that seems to me a textbook definition of insanity.

Fortunately, that's not the claim of Christianity.

I love the writings of J. Warner Wallace. He's a cold case detective (now retired) and he was an atheist well into his 30s. Then he examined the claims of Christianity - using the same methods he used in his work - and found them to be true.

Not "true for him". True, as in, based in facts and evidence and REALITY.

Either everything I've said about Jesus and the Bible here the past year and on LJ for the past 12 years is a lie, or it isn't. There's no middle ground.

What say you?

Why Should I Believe in the Resurrection?
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Relationships between men on screen [Sunday
April 20th, 2014 at 2:17pm]

Bromance has become a tv trop but I just dig it. I'm more easily charmed by bromances than by traditional romances.

I mentioned in my previous post that I do not see Will/Hannibal as bromance -- but Hannibal himself probably thinks of his relationship with Will in terms of bromance--, even though I definitely see the romance there, albeit a twisted one.

Bromance means that our male characters are like brothers. It's about a friendship that is very strong despite the differences or about strong kinship. It's asexual and always showed in a positive light. It usually occurs when the characters in question worked together for a while and went through a lot together. We usually don't see the beginnings. Note that not all male friendships are not necessarily bromance. For instance I wouldn't call the friendship between Beecher and Kareem Said from OZ a bromance.

Here are my favourite bromance relationships:
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Now bromance isn't the only kind of relationship between men. Some relationships are not bromance per se but rather romance minus the sex, meaning that the relationship isn't sexual (and will never be) but borrows coded stuff from romantic relationships. I enjoy those weird and twisted love stories as well.

They usually occur between two characters who are drawn to each other or share a bond but can't really be "together", can't really be friends. There is chemistry, there's sparks every time they are on screen together, there's a feeling that they make a pair and do have some sort of feelings for each other but it's COMPLICATED!

Either because they used to be pals but life happened, they grew apart and found himself on opposite sides and now there's anger and resentment, or because they have a love/hate relationship from the beginning but are stuck together, or because they keep being put in conflicting situations, or because the show is actually based on their antagonism! Someone coined the term "frenemies" to define some of those relationships.

Messala/Ben Hur is the archetypal of such male love stories (okay maybe Jesus/Judas is actually the archetyp, no offense to my fellow readers who celebrate Easter), and more recently Xavier/Magneto from the X-Men saga carried on the legacy.

Sometimes homoeroticism may be hinted at -- and the slash writes itself! -- even though it usually remains in the subtext, but some of those love stories are also rather asexual. Unlike the bromance type, the relationship is often toxic or bad for the characters, but not always.

In tv shows my favourites are:
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Finally, there are true homosexual relationships between male characters on tv. Not many of them though, I reckon. Gay characters exist on tv shows -- Omar Little from The Wire is the best example of a major gay character --, but homosexual relationships are rarely tackled, especially when it's between men!

My picks.
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My tweets [Sunday
April 20th, 2014 at 5:03am]

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Политика США: СЕКТА [Sunday
April 20th, 2014 at 3:31pm]

Originally posted by amaranta_mara. Reposted by milka_e20 at 2014-04-20 15:31:00.

Политика США: СЕКТА

Вы никогда не думали, почему американцы всего боятся? На страну работает целая армия психологов и психотерапевтов. Все сидят на антидепрессантах и бояться паранормального явления. Стоит просто вспомнить основные сюжеты их фильмов. Постоянно что-то то свалится на них должно, то уже свалилось, монстры, концы света во всевозможных вариантах. Сплошная катастрофа. И всегда один спаситель, который борется со злом и своими личными, интимными проблемами. Можно подумать, что это просто совпадение. Но! Если слегка копнуть, то становится очевидно, что НАТО, Пентагону и ЦРУ выгодно, чтобы население чего-то боялось. Только с таким мироощущением американцы будут одобрять жесткие методы, опасные технологии и ужасные опыты. Очень завуалированная пропаганда внушения страха продолжается и по сей день. Вот посмотрите этот видос, это совсем недавно было, в конце марта.

Посмотрели? У вас нет такого ощущения, что он выступает не как президент с дипломатической речью, а как проповедник в секте. Вот вам для примера видео, сектанта.

Похоже ведь! Смысл такой же во всяком случае. Впихивание в мозги людей определенной идеологии. Нужно создать себе главного врага и вместе против него бороться. Мы для Америки бесы, нас нужно изгнать, иначе придет крах американским идеалам и всему тому, чего они так долго добивались. Эх, страшно мне за граждан США, они как посетители второго видео, скоро им так мозги запачкают, что никакой серебренный кол не поможет.

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The horror, the horror ... [Saturday
April 19th, 2014 at 8:48pm]

You know, I really kind of hate Apple, iTunes in particular. I have spent a good part of the day getting blankety blank iTunes to work again.

A while back it stopped successfully installing updates but I could still use the application, but a couple of days ago it decided not to work at all. I was getting all kinds of error messages. Such as:

- MSVCR80.dll not found
- iTunes was not installed correctly. No shit. The installer refused to complete installations.
- Runtime error: R6034

The reason I can list all these errors is that I finally googled 'iTunes install errors' and came up with that list on the first hit, and also the directions on what to do, which included uninstalling things in a very specific order and what to do if the uninstalls didn't all work. All of which happened to me. And the instructions on reinstalling, specifically don't double click on the install file, right click and install with admin rights. Yeah, that's intuitive.

All of which I did, following instructions letter perfect. And of course the effing thing wouldn't start. Gave me some crap about QuickTime being a problem. Now, QuickTime is something that goes hand in hand with iTunes. Why the eff didn't the instructions include QuickTime uninstall/re-install as a matter of course? I don't know. I attempted to install the latest version, which meant downloading the install .exe file first, which I did. And the damned website kept lying to me because it would say it had downloaded the file but the .exe was no-flipping-where to be found.

So I did my second google and got a hit first time on the problem, with directions on what to do, which was to bypass the explicit download and run things out of Apple Software Update because a new version of QuickTime should show up there. Which it did and which I managed to install successfully.

But the damned thing wanted to install iTunes again, actually it just started to do it and it worked away up until the point where it flipping failed on me and rolled back. I thought to myself, well self, you've already installed the damned thing today, let's see if it'll run since you did do the QuickTime install successfully. Did it run? No, it did not. It gave me some gibberish about some file being created with a later version of iTunes that was not installed.

But in for a penny, in for a pound of flesh, mine. I tried the install from Apple Software Update again. And lo and behold, what had failed several minutes earlier worked.

Back in business again. Not impressed with the look and feel of this version but at least it works. AND I GUESSED RIGHT ON MY PASSWORD THE FIRST TIME. *preens*

All this so I could buy the Man of Steel soundtrack and then make a playlist from it, Battlestar Galactica and some ROTK. Done and done.

Argh. That was way too much of my day.

Harry's limping a little less hard so I think the glucosamine is starting to work. Fingers crossed it keeps going in this direction!

ETA: Links to the two documents I found that were a help: (iTunes problem) (QuickTime problem)

This entry was originally posted at Comments welcome on either LJ or Dreamwidth. comment count unavailable comments on the DW entry.
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Meta on Kara/Zak and Helo [Saturday
April 19th, 2014 at 10:29pm]

millari asked, "What do you think Kara's life would have been like if Zak had never died and she had married him? Do you think she would have still served on the Galactica, for example?"

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plaid_slytherin said, "Sell me on Helo? ;) I'd love to read some general thoughts on the character, since I may be writing him soon.

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A Dream [Saturday
April 19th, 2014 at 7:05pm]

[ mood | aggravated ]

Years ago, I had this dream that has obviously stuck with me. Actually, it haunts me now, even though some of the details are hazy at best.

What I do remember of it, is this:

I was at some kind of party. Some people were in masks and elaborate costumes. There was music, very calming music, not party music at all. There wasn't much talking. It was almost as if the people were communing with one another more than socialising.

I remember finding myself in the kitchen of the home where the party was being held. Everything was bright white, and there was no light needed in there, because the white surfaces emanated a light all their own. At some point, I ended up on a counter top, and this person came to me, standing against the counter, his body insinuating itself between my legs. It wasn't necessarily sexual, but I remember wanting him on an almost atomic level. He didn't have a mask on, but I don't think I ever saw his face. He leaned in and whispered, "Nightmares are the ineluctable lessons of the illuminated psyche. Do not be afraid."

The next thing I remember is lying on the living room floor with a small group of people who decided to stay the night after the party. Everyone was still in masks. Then I felt an arm move around my waist. The person in the kitchen was now lying behind me, with his face against my neck. I remained still as stone until I heard his breath even out into sleep. But I couldn't sleep. I just lay there, looking at all these sleeping strangers, wondering where I was, and why I was there.

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Colleen Taylor [Saturday
April 19th, 2014 at 7:42pm]

RIP Colleen Taylor.  1953-4/14/2014.  My best friend's mother, and a second mother to me.  We had her funeral today.  It was beautiful- and horrible all at the same time.  I love you Colleen.
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April 19th, 2014 at 9:12pm]

Ugh. Just had to default on Space Swap. I hate doing that, especially this late, but I just cannot get it done by tonight. And I know I won't get it done tomorrow, because it's Easter and I'm hoping. I shouldn't have left it this late, but with Ship Swap growing out of hand (and I actually am not fond of that story, either, but at least it's got it's moments), I just can't get it done.

Exhausted. I've been trying to get everything done for hosting Easter, dealing with the kids and things the have to do (baseball, soccer, birthday parties), running, and general house upkeep. We don't go overboard with the Easter Bunny at all, but they do have baskets and they each get one gift. Nothing big, but at least a little something.

I thought I had more to say, but I guess not. Oh well. Hope everyone who celebrates has a happy Easter, and hope everyone is having a good weekend!
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More ficcing [Sunday
April 20th, 2014 at 9:46am]

[ mood | aggravated ]

I miss my journal - and fandom in general. I don't know what's going on but the world seems to be very quietly lately. Is it because we've run out of good shows or did our entire age bracket grow up and enter full time work :(

R E D  D U S T,
B L U E  B L O O D

A future fic. Helen Magnus is called to investigate a murder in the Martian city of 'Prosperity'. There, Helen, John, Ashley and Nikola end up caught in the middle of a dangerous game played by the modern Cabal.


x-posted to lair_or_lab

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April 20th, 2014 at 1:05am]

Игры киллеров 2\10

Говорили, что вот, наконец, ЖКВД начал сниматься в приличных фильмах. Нет, не начал. Фильм редкостная шляпа, хотя закос под русскую мафию неплох. ЖКВД все такой же, но уже растет новая смена в лице Скотта Эдкина (лень уточнять как там его зовут на самом деле). Да, цветовая схема совсем не понравилась.

Магия, Магия 3\10

Странный фильм, не понятно про что. Скорей всего про то, что новому человеку в сформировавшуюся компанию мудаков и дебилов очень сложно встроиться. Компашка друзей едет куда-то там в ЮжАмерику, с ними затесалась одна янки-деваха, с этими самыми мудаками и дебилами отношения не задались, у девахи едет крыша, а под конец она вообще умирает. Вот и вся магия.

Внутри 6\10

Хороший фильм с Ником Сталом и Оливией Вайлд. Стал жестоко забивает одного паренька, на которого он подумал, что тот снасильничал его подругу. За это его сажают в дурку, где Стал ходит весь такой блаженный, периодически флэшбэкает в детство, где его тиранил старший брат, а мама больше любила старшего, чем его. В итоге Стал брательника-то и скинул с крыши, а мама под это дело покончила с собой. В дурке у Стала не складываются отношения с некоторыми зэками, но зато вертухай-негр с первого взгляда начинает выделять и продвигать Стала. Там же в женском блоке сидит Вайлд, которая вся такая дерганная, ни с кем не может контачить, сожгла там какой-то дом, ее скоро выпускают. В общем, врачи и вертухаи всеми силами сводят Стала и Вайлд, у которой главная проблема оказывается не с головой, а с тем, что у нее мужика не было, да. Весь такой плохой здоровенный зэк заточенной ложкой перебивает почти всю охрану и идет разбираться со Сталом и насильничать Вайлда. Как бы переживаний и страданий как у Шекспира, а игра актеров - как будто "Муху-цокотуху" смотришь. Охрана в дурке способна только наручники надевать, да пояски, мешок на мешке, с такой легкостью дают себя зарезать. В итоге самый хороший отдал концы, а самый плохой сидит в карцере.


Тут сериал Фарго выпустили, сел сейчас глянуть оригинальный фильм 1996 года. Пока неплохо, но Коэнов не люблю. Железная хватка еще туда-сюда, но вот Бёрн афтер ридинг это просто эталон параши для меня, поражаюсь, когда этой шнягой начинают восхищаться...
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В Английских сказаниях тоже встречаются упоминания о Дикой Охоте. [Sunday
April 20th, 2014 at 1:53am]

В них ее сопровождает Генри-Охотник, или попросту Дьявол.

Сказка, писавшаяся с 4 ноября 2012 по 20 апреля 2014 года.

Всё, что было - не упомнить, память в кольцах, кольца - в море, то колышет мерным сонмом волн гористое кипенье... Вдоль домов крадется Осень, свора бьется у порога - каждой ведьме доводилось им плеснуть по следу зелье.

Я не знаю, что за трубы поднимают их с рассветом, я не знаю, что за громы порождают этот грохот - только знаю, что за ними - глаз да глаз - несется Генри, Генри-дьявол, Бог Рогатый, предводитель ярой своры. Свора, Дикая Охота, это - лютость, это - ярость, сотня всадников несется через небо грозным гулом, я не знаю, что бывает, если лета не дождаться - только знаю, что не станет место пустовать на стуле.

Он приходит грозной ночью (высверк молний чертит окна), он садится у камина, и молчит, молчит - часами, я не знаю, что случится, если молвит он хоть слово, я не знаю, что так тянет Генри к дому у причала. Дом мой - пол, четыре стенки, в чердаке - мышиный шепот, волны осенью, смелея, подбираются к порогу, дом мой - это что-то вроде склада очумевшей белки - книги, платья, побрякушки, вещи сложены - в дорогу, дом мой - это литры кофе, коньяка бутылка, свечи, дом мой - это что-то вроде позабытого мальчишки...

Я не знаю, что такого в этом доме Генри лечит, я не знаю, для чего он Свору к этим окнам кличет.

Год за годом, век за веком, взгляд ко взгляду - обещаньем. Возвращется Охота, замирает у причала, застывает медным звоном, остывает лунным светом. От конца веков к началу - протяни в ладонях ленту, поднеси хмельную чарку, поднеси краюху хлеба. Вьются словом Генри чары, истекает словом лето, быль собой сменяет небыль, замирают в ветре сосны. Возвращайся, где бы не был, если за порогом осень, если мгла встает дозором от рассвета до рассвета - возвращайся. Я собою чарку выплесну по следу.
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Христос воскрес! [Sunday
April 20th, 2014 at 12:43am]

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Дорогая передача, во субботу чуть не плача... [Sunday
April 20th, 2014 at 12:54am]

Олесина школа продолжает доставлять.

Сегодня дочь передала мне письмо - листик, исписанный от руки (!), который начинался словами "Уважаемая мама Олеси Беловой" (это при том, что при поступление мы, разумеется, все адреса, имена- отчества, явки-пароли, мейлы, телефоны служебные и домашние, а также визитки от обоих родителей  оставляли).

Дальше - лучше. "В нашем классе регулярно проводят сбор средств на классные нужды. В марте мы собрали по 4 тыс рублей".  Типа - гоните и вы деньги, раз такие остолопы - целый год проучились, а про регулярные сборы вам сейчас приходится разъяснять.

Ну и вопрос у меня про "нужды класса". 4 тысячи - это не так уж мало. Школа государственная, транспортировкой детей она не занимается, кормит за плату, оснащение по идее должно быть бюджетное. На что сдаем? На подарки учителям?    Но это ни разу не нужды класса.

Дальше автор письма повествует о том, что они проводят организованную закупку учебников по английскому на следующий год: "Большая просьба - срочно позвоните и сообщите о своих намерениях".

Cначала переваривала какое-то время это "сообщите о намерениях" .

Потом повис  знак вопроса касательно самих учебников.  Даже Владимир наш ясно солнышко Владимирович на какой-то пресс-конференции говорил, что все учебники в школах выдаются бесплатно. И даже предлагал родителям сообщать о случаях сбора средств на учебники в соответствующие органы. Неужели врал?  Нет, оно конечно после истории с Крымом, понятно, что он тот еще лгунишка. Но почему все же учебники по английскому платные?  Ну и не за 4 же тысячи с носа, правда?

Письмо подписано в той же манере, что и адресовано: " Родительский комитет 6 "Б" класса".
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April Question Meme: Day Nineteen [Saturday
April 19th, 2014 at 1:44pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Asked by giallarhorn:

How do you feel about the differences between GoT and the books?

It's a strange relationship.

On one hand I understand that it's an adaptation, which by definition is not going to be exactly like how everyone envisioned the books and of course, being a television series with a small order of episodes each season, it will have limitations than what we get from the pages and our imaginations. And the books are quite large in general, with so much information packed into it that they have to minimize things in order for it to make sense for a television audience. So with that, I've accepted some of the changes and differences because there are certain restrictions that comes with something of this magnitude, especially when factoring in budget and time and all of that. And I'll be honest, there are some changes made in the show that actually do work better than how it's presented in the books. For example, the expansion and development of Shae's character arc was a pleasant surprise, and one that I quite love. However, there are certain things that they could have (and should have) done better, and things they shouldn't have done, and some questionable things that just don't make any sense whatsoever.

Like, they spend too much time with pointless nudity and sexploitation (of women) rather than focusing on the more important plot points of the story, they oversimplify certain character arcs while overlooking others, killing off characters that were never killed off in the books, altering characterizations, altering names, drastically changing storylines, casting issues, and all of that. So it gets frustrating and disappointing when you know there's all this potential to tell this story to the best of their ability, but for whatever reason they just don't take it.

At the end of the day, the show is a catalyst for bringing the story to a wider audience in the form of a different medium. And while I watch and enjoy the show for what it is, the books are a better source in terms of understanding the characters, the world, and the overall story.

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"Su-zakana" [Saturday
April 19th, 2014 at 9:33pm]

Okay, here is my review, one day earlier than I announced.

I didn't mean to post tonight but I coudn't wait to write my thoughts down just in case they would fly away...

In this episode the subtext clearly became the text but it was still fun to watch.

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April 19th, 2014 at 12:02pm]

Title: Mistress Butterbur and the Ranger
Author: Baranduin
Rating: G
Characters: Aragorn, OFC
Summary: This was written using two Back to Middle-earth 2014 prompts: two or more characters snowed in plus recipefic. Really just an excuse to wallow in food :-)
Warnings: Rather fluffy
Notes: Thanks to Phil Rickman for Merrily's name ...

Mistress Merrily Butterbur was fortunate in her married surname ...

This entry was originally posted at Comments welcome on either LJ or Dreamwidth. comment count unavailable comments on the DW entry.
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My tweets [Saturday
April 19th, 2014 at 12:02pm]

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My tweets [Saturday
April 19th, 2014 at 12:01pm]

  • Fri, 16:19: There's something more than a lil' wonky that someone who claims not to want anything to do with me keeps demanding a chat. o.O
  • Sat, 09:38: For an ongoing harassment campaign, a certain someone just got pointed out to the #TwitterGods. They can see deleted tweets, y'know.
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