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Voted! Nothing else there even comes close.
I voted for BSG but Breaking Bad is a pretty close second and The Walking Dead is a very distant third.
I am so bummed! I cannot vote for BSG because it hasn't been released on Netflix in the UK. Figured the least I could do was share it!
Strange. I can vote and Netflix isn't even available in my country. I just clicked on the poster and it put a red arrow with a v at the top of the poster.

Seems like BSG is in the lead, if the red progress bar at the bottom is anything to go by :-)
It's so odd, I'm not sure why it isn't in my list to vote!
You know you have to click ">" to get to the second and third parts of the list, though? That there's 12 posters to choose from, not 4? (that's the only reason I can think of why it wouldn't show for you).
Hmph. I've only got eight options. I am in the UK-and Battlestar is not a show that is licensed here for Netflix. The only choices I have are:

Breaking Bad
Prison Break
Sons of Anarchy
House of Cards
Dr. Who
The Vampire Diaries.

So bizarre!

You mean the person who tweets for Mary said so, on Twitter :P

Katee and Tahmoh have been pimping it as well, BTW :-)
THIS PERSON who tweets for Mary?!?! Haha! So disappointing. I wondered if it was her, and am a little sad it is not. Does she use the PR firm?
That's what I've heard :)
That is a little disappointing!