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Caprica: The "Willy" Conundrum (Spoilers)

OK, with gdg 's approval, here is a spoiler-iffic thread focusing on the role of little Willy Adama in "Caprica." Which, for obvious reasons, has some of us BSG fans highly curious indeed. 

Alright... so, one thing that keeps cropping up in TV blogs and io9 and everywhere in between is the writers teasing a major, head-spinning shocker coming up before the end of the first batch of episodes. Now, at the extreme end of "what's the most shocking thing they could do?" speculation is that they will kill off little Willy, because other than Joseph he's the one character we presume *cannot* die. Then, extrapolating from there, the most wild speculation goes toward "So Adama was really a cylon copy of a dead kid?".. no, that doesn't make sense, either, he'd still be too old. Despite the whole Leoben-told-Roslin that "Adama is a Cylon" bullhockey, it seems somewhat counterproductive of RDM, Eick & Co. to have been so "No, it can't be Adama!" during the decision-making for the Final Five to turn around now and have Bill be a Cylon. So, no.

OK, then... What does make sense is - since this is 58 years before the fall which would make this Willy 68 or 69 at the time of the miniseries, which seems a little bit old compared to Bill - that Joseph remarries and has another son, whom he also names William, and this is the Bill Adama that we know. This could explain away the eye color difference, for one thing. (It's been a nitpick but a noticable one for me that this kid has big, brown puppy dog eyes... um, NO. Not Bill Adama! ;) )

Also, as people have been noting for months, BSG show bible and Wiki - EDIT: AND, I nearly forgot, it was in Adama's dossier in "Hero", thanks ufgator1977 - stated Bill's mother's name was Evelyn, yet the wife who died in the bombing was Shannon. Well, we met Evelyn tonight, she was that blonde clerk in Joseph's office. WTF, dude? Is THAT Lee & Zak's real nana? Hmmmmm....

Thoughts? Disputes? Throw it out there, peeps.
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