Grant Gould (gdg) wrote in battlestar_blog,
Grant Gould

Friday Favorite

Now that BSG is over and our fridays are cold and lonely, I'm doing an ongoing "Friday Favorite" thread. Each week I choose one character (or episode or whatever else) and kick off the conversation from there. This way we can keep the BSG love alive and well, and share some of our best memories of the series!

In the comments below, tell us which OVER ALL CHARACTER ARC you liked the best in Battlestar Galactica. Feel free to go into as much or as little detail as ya like. And if you can't narrow it down to just one, then list your top 3. :)

These Friday Favorites will span everything from the mini-series to the season 4 finale, so avoid this thread if you're not caught up.

P.S. If you missed last week's Six-centric Friday Favorite, here's a link.
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